MAYOR NUTTER's insistence on killing the annual Two Street Parade, a South Philly New Year's Day tradition that follows the larger Mummers Parade, is one more example of how out of touch this administration is with the citizens of Philadelphia.

Nutter's argument against the Two Street Parade - the city can't afford it - collapses under scrutiny. I and virtually every one of my neighbors up and down Two Street host daylong parties in our homes, which means we purchase tons of food from the corner grocery store, gallons of beverages from the local distributor, soft pretzels from the neighborhood baker, and party favors from the the nearby party-supply store.

In other words, we pour tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy to enhance the joy our children, families, and friends derive from the "little parade" every year. I'd argue that the injection of significant dollars into the local economy outweighs the city's costs for sanitation and police.

Unfortunately, there is no arguing with this increasingly totalitarian administration that opted to close libraries, pools and rec centers before seeking any public input. New day, new way? Give me the old way, when tradition and common sense mattered.

Dr. James Moylan, Proud Two Streeter


As a life-long taxpaying resident of Philadelphia, I am appalled by the cuts made by this mayor. I voted for Mayor Nutter and it is the worse vote I have ever cast.

Cutting libraries - my God, it is unbelievable! Parents and teachers spend a great amount of time trying to teach our children the value of education. The lessons that we try to instill can be reinforced by reading. Libraries are such a valuable source for our children, but yet the mayor doesn't see it that way. To hell, with educating our children.

The decision to try and force the Mummers not to march on New Year's - a 100-year-old tradition thrown away like old shoes. I think that the Mummers should sue the city for the cost of the costumes this year since the announcement was made so late in the year after their money is already spent.

I have an idea: You want to make cuts, how about you cut some of the worthless aides that work for City Council. We know of one who is making $90,000 a year for doing nothing; how many others are there?

Funny how the city had the money to pay for the Phillies parade - how much did that cost? How about you cut the city cars for employees. Most of us have to drive our own cars to work. How about you start collecting some of the tax money owed to the city.

I work hard to pay my bills and I am tired of the deadbeats of this city living off those of us who pay our taxes and water bills on time.

Betty Ann Decky, Philadelphia

I'm willing to bet that the same people whining about Mayor Nutter's funding cuts are the same folks who, for the most part, see no problem with the city forking over $300,000 for the Mummers Parade while library branches will be closed.

Donna DiGiacomo, Philadelphia