"Mother Protests One-sided Suspension":

The article quotes a school employee as saying that sexual activity among students at Pastorius Elementary is rampant.

Are city schools out of control? This kind of behavior isn't happening in the suburbs, I can assure you, not to this extent.

I'm surprised the state isn't intervening. The situation is beyond out of control.

Jan Sklaroff, Berwyn

Bush naming rights

After years of conservative mismanagement of the economy, we have come to the final product of capitalism: a depression. Everyone is losing their jobs and more will be out of work in the coming year.

Let's call it what it is. The Bush Depression.

James Morton, Philadelphia

No to Gallery casino

I totally agree with not having a casino in the Gallery and allowing it to be built on the waterfront - the plans for the waterfront are beautiful.

I can't imagine putting it in the Gallery. Is the main reason to put it there to have people pay a high price for parking?

And if you really want to cut costs in the city, the Mummers Parade should be cut before cutting the libraries and the pools. Someone's priorities are a little mixed up.

Renee Towns, Philadelphia

PGW's plight

PGW has been politicized since Mayor Rizzo fired UGI from an active management role. Today, we have double the number of employees needed to run the company.

The CRP program gives nearly free gas to 75,000 customers. Many thousands of senior citizens receive a 10 percent discount.

Bottom line: $1.2 billion in debt. A company value of zero.

And last but not least, a shortage of paying customers.

Ted Lahm, Philadelphia