KUDOS to Christine Flowers on her outstanding op-ed on the military.

What those on the far left forget is that the armed services are voluntary, and if there aren't enough young people to join, it won't be voluntary for long.

Instead of trying to persuade young people not to join, they should be thankful that someone is willing to serve so those that feel the way they do don't have to.

Imagine how they'd howl if the draft had to be reinstated because their efforts were successful? They can have this attitude only because of those who fought and died for that freedom. Rational people are antiwar, but they are also for being prepared in case we encounter the irrational people.

Pete Welz, Doylestown

TODAY I met an American ideal.

He was walking down the street with no security around him, just walking by himself. I couldn't belive it. One of the American ideals right in front of me.

My big chance to get him to sign my shirt or my hat or even take a picture.

But I didn't, not due to being nervous, but due to no one else noticing him. He was all alone, no camera crew, no media crew, no fan base around him. I thought to myself, why no attention on him?

I can only hope everyone still sees who he is and what he means to our everyday life. He is the true winner of the America ideal. He is a true hero . . . he is an American Soldier. Today, I met my American Ideal.

Thomas Purcell, Philadelphia