ILOVE newspapers, but they can annoy me to no end. Two people on a bike get injured, all hell breaks loose, and we get these exaggerated assertions about changing the Parkway and the river drives. Back when then-West River Drive was one-way during morning and afternoon rush hours, one confused person went the wrong way and was killed.

For one incident, they permanently changed the drive to two-way. Thirty-plus years later, we're about to go through the same stupidity. When cars crash into trees on the drive and a driver is injured or killed, do we do anything then? When a child drowns in the Schuylkill? No.

Are we to become an increasingly slow-moving city?

Len Trower, Philadelphia

UNFORTUNATELY, I've lived in the area of Rising Sun and Roosevelt Boulevard for 13 years. Drag racing has been going on for a long time there. You can hear it at night, the engines roaring and the skidding when they peel out.

Why hasn't anything been done about this?

I'll tell you why - police in the 35th District are more concerned about giving tickets for cars that are parked on the pavement! That takes priority over the drag racing and the numerous amount of cars being broken into in that area between midnight and 5 a.m.

My thoughts and prayers go out to this young woman's family!

Christine Kremis