FATIMAH Ali's condemnation of the "Deadbeat Dads" TV show required courage and her personal experiences lend her views credibility.

The show's unacceptability lies in the way it targets a single demographic group - divorced fathers - and offers a portrait in which all group members commit crimes.

This is repugnant stereotyping.

"Bridezilla" pokes fun at members of a specific class, but doesn't present them as candidates for incarceration.

A program called "Mothers Who Abuse and Neglect Their Kids" could never appear. "Deadbeat Dads" should be treated the same way.

Mark Henricks, Austin, Texas

We agree that "Deadbeat Dads" shouldn't air. A better show would be "Deadbeat Moms," as they are three times more likely to keep the children from the father who pays his child support and other financial obligations.

C. Davis, Houston, Texas

Thank you from all the fathers who are not allowed to help raise their children. Those who don't understand the reality of your statements have nothing to offer but misery, but those who desire to see justice and equality and give children a chance to survive properly really appreciate your efforts.

Ron Nerding, Martinsville, Ind.

Thank you for telling it like it is regarding "Deadbeat Dads." And you did the right thing by your children, given your personal situation.

Kevin Moran

Fathers4Justice, Staten Island, N.Y.