OUR LOVELY city has gone absolutely crazy.

I pay my city wage tax, house tax and all the other bogus charges (tickets for not recycling with no charge circled).

I just received in the mail the bill for my annual alarm registration fee. For nine years, I've paid the city $35 to register my alarm system. Now they've upped the price to $50. I have not had any false alarms and think you should be charged only if you have one because otherwise I'm paying for nothing. They've provided no service to me for the last nine years.

Most people aren't getting a raise this year, or maybe even next year, too. But food prices have gone up, health insurance has gone up, car insurance, gas and cigarettes also. Everything is going up but our income.

If I was broke last year, this year I'll be busted. There is no break for the working class. We should've voted on changing the charge from $35 to $50. Mayor Nutter has definitely gone nutty.

Cheryl Jackson, Philadelphia