I'VE known the family on Gina Marie Rosario's father's side for 30 years. It's a tragedy what happened to those three little angels and the mother of Remedy Smith.

Many people at first blamed police because they thought there had been a chase. But even if there had been one, it's clear that you need to put the blame on the two thugs.

And on our judicial system for letting the thugs back out in society with the criminal records they have. Our judicial system needs to change - society has changed for the worse and our laws need to reflect that. How many more losses do we have to endure before we get that? My prayers are with all the families!

Christine Kremis, Philadelphia

Man with a Mideast plan

My solution to the Mideast conflict is this:

There should be two states, Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem should remain neutral because of the ties of the three faiths to the city.

Israeli settlements should be stopped. The ones already on Palestinian land should be ruled by the Palestinians. Palestine should not have an army, only a police force, since Palestinians have been enemies of Israel. Centuries ago, they were called the Philistines, who for a short time conquered the land of Israel.

It's only morally right, because of their population size, to give to give the Palestinians a home.

John Stuhr, Philadelphia

Not happy with Arlen

I've been a Democrat since I first voted in 1982, and there is no way I will ever vote for Arlen Specter. He's a political joke, and a bad one at that.

He's no more a Democrat then my dog Bitsy is. He admitted that he was switching parties to win one more election.

What would keep him from switching back after he wins - if he wins?

Ford Robin Dolin