IT'S HARD to add to what's already been written about Stan Hochman, but because of my love and respect for Stan, I'm adding my comments.

I've known Stan Hochman for more than 40 years. Stan has not always been complimentary regarding my involvement with the Eagles, Flyers and the Spectrum, but I always respected Stan's columns because he wrote what he believed to be true and was always balanced. Stan was never swayed away from his honest opinion, by niceties or for any other reason.

More important, my respect for Stan grew stronger than ever because of his love and dedication to his family. I've had discussions about family life with Stan, and it was heartwarming for me to see his eyes light up when he talked about his family, especially about his granddaughter Sasha.

Stan, I commend you, as you are a man's man, and I wish you and your family good health and happiness. I pray that you are around for many, many more years.

Jerry Wolman, Potomac, Md.