RE DAN GROSS' July 9 item on me:

It's unfortunate that my ex-wife has chosen to discuss such a private matter in a public forum, especially when the actions that have been attributed to me are both unfounded and untrue.

I recently suffered a personal loss (my 12-year-old sister was killed in an auto accident in which additional family members were critically injured). This has accounted for most of my time since June 29, and I have not been in a position to respond to Deziree Williams' allegations until now. All outstanding legal issues concerning Ms. Williams and me will be addressed privately through counsel. Therefore, I won't disrespect my ex-wife with any additional statements other than to say that I love all of my children and that I will, as I always have, continue to support all of them financially, emotionally and spiritually.

All my philanthropic efforts will continue to be geared toward the betterment of youth. Realizing how crucial financial support is to all children, I've developed scholarship programs to assist students with economic hardship who want to pursue their dreams. My commitment to young people and their success will continue long after my football career ends.

Raheem Brock (Indianapolis Colts)