THERE are two glaring problems with the Senate health bill.

First, it takes $464 billion out of Medicare over 10 years, of which $120 billion comes out of Medicare Advantage, unless you live in New York, Oregon or Florida, exempted cuts through a special deal made before the bill went to the floor. These cuts can't be good for Medicare, which is already becoming insolvent. Those with Medicare Advantage will be forced to buy a Medigap policy to replace the coverage they now have.

The second is that mammograms for women under 50 won't be routinely covered by insurance as a result of the Mikulski Amendment, which covered the regulations recommended a few weeks ago by the Preventive Services Task Force. According to the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, "this is a step backward in the fight against breast cancer . . . the leading cause of cancer deaths in women 40 to 49."

I believe the rationing represented here will cause much pain around the country.

Valentine Cotton, Newark, Del.