REDEMPTION can sometimes be sweet.

Just take a look at the face of Eagles coach Andy Reid when quarterback Michael Vick scored his first touchdown on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, the team he led before having to serve time for running a dogfighting ring.

The usually stolid Reid threw his arms up in the air, pumped his fists, and grinned from ear to ear.

And why not? Despite being on the visiting team this time, Vick's score was cheered by thousands in the stadium who were apparently glad to have him back in Atlanta and seemed willing to give him a second chance.

Make no mistake: Reid and the Eagles took a big risk by signing Vick at the start of the year. Many fans were unable to strike a balance between their love of the Eagles and their love of dogs. Thousands howled in protest and hundreds canceled season tickets.

But for a moment, it seemed that the gamble had paid off. Vick turned out to be a reliable fill-in, if not the standout that some predicted. And he's kept his nose clean off the field and spoken out against animal abuse. Now it's time to see how the return of A.I. works out.

Philadelphia, the City of Second Chances.