YOUR RECENT editorial was correct in pointing out the anxiety over what is by all accounts a jobless economic recovery. Unfortunately, the simple question of why job creation is lagging is increasingly overlooked by policymakers.

According to our 19th annual economic survey, hiring expectations (as well as investment and sales estimates) for the coming six months are the lowest in the survey's history.

Member companies tell us that a big reason behind the reluctance of business to spend and hire is uncertainty about future costs. Job creators are clearly holding back until they see the outcome of numerous policy debates at the state and federal levels - including health care, climate change, cap-and-trade and union card check - all of which could place detrimental cost burdens on the employer community and significantly impede job creators' ability to run their businesses.

And since too few are asking why jobs aren't being created, it's

not surprising that none of the

"solutions" supported in the editorial reflect what's most necessary: the continued ability of the private sector to operate effectively and efficiently.

Gene Barr, Vice President

Government and Public Affairs

Pennsylvania Chamber

of Business and Industry