"Sorry, Kyler"

cover story by columnist Ronnie Polaneczky:

My heart goes out to Kyler and his family, and I sincerely hope he gets the care he needs. But decisions to decline health care are made every day - sometimes by the insurance company, sometimes by living wills, the patient's family or, in a state like Oregon, the law governing care for many conditions.

Proposed health-care reform does nothing for this issue. It doesn't create "more money" or system changes, just more people added to the existing mismanaged system. We need insurance companies out of the process. We need government out of the process. We need health care run by peer professionals (not the attending physicians), who provide economical, results-oriented care.

The Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic provide the best care in the world, at the lowest prices. Let's expand their formula and let the medical and business professionals determine universal courses of action for Kyler and the rest of us.

Don Flassing, Sewell, N.J.

Re your article on health-care reform "How Will It Impact the Average Joe?":

While we should help make sure "the average Joe" is able to afford insurance, it shouldn't come at the expense of those who are currently purchasing their own insurance.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, premiums for people who pay for their own insurance will only increase under the proposed health bills. Rather than focusing on efforts on "redistributing" the burden of paying for care for the uninsured, the government should focus on cutting the red tape and finding ways to reduce actual costs of providing health.

Teresa Wang, Philadelphia

Too bad Elin missed

Re Christine Flowers' column "A Wedge Issue":

Everything Ms. Flowers said about domestic violence was very good and informative. But what does it have to do with the Tiger Woods disaster?

Is she implying that because Elin Woods went after Tiger with a sand wedge, it's cause to believe domestic violence was involved?

I'm just sorry she missed.

This man blew off his wedding vows and threw them out the window. He didn't just have a onetime affair with one woman, but with a list of skanky ho-sluts (my definition of women who sleep with married men). On top of that, he had the nerve to procreate. Why did he bother getting married?

So I don't feel sorry for Tiger for messing up his life.

If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for Elin, who gave up her freedom as well to be his wife and mother of his children. He also cheated the world by passing himself off as the all-American with the squeaky-clean image.

Diane McDowell, Philadelphia

Overdosing on Notre Dame

Enough already about the overrated, overexposed, whirlwind-of-coaches football empire they call Notre Dame. Who really cares?

Richard Leftwich, Lindenwold, N.J.