RE THE letter from Stuart Caesar regarding the article about Taryn Perkins' inability to cope with her health problems:

For your information, Taryn Perkins isn't the only one with problems getting her meds. I'm unable to get to Walmart for mine. I can't afford bus fare, have no one to drive me, and have medical problems that keep me from walking.

There are people out there with real problems who need help. Also, in case you've forgotten, it was the Republicans who helped put us in this health-care situation. As far as voting straight Republican in the next election, forget about it.

Because of your ilk, I wouldn't vote Republican now even if you paid me, and I sure could use the money. May the powers that be have mercy on your poor soul, even though you don't deserve it. And, believe me, those powers are not the Republican Party.

C.A. Phipps, Philadelphia

Needed: Two parents

In the year 2009, we still haven't moved into a more positive direction for our children. Courts are still filled with parents fighting each other and placing their personal feelings above the best interests of their children, and the number of households with fatherless children still rises.

Judges are faced with the awesome task of sorting this mess out, which can leave a feeling of hopelessness at times.

We at Men Are Fathers Too believe a two-parent household is fundamental in raising a child, and that shared custody is the best way to go. Statistics show that the 70 percent of households with one parent have a great impact on children, whichever parent is missing.

Children from single-parent households suffer a great deal of alienation - and the child is often used as a weapon.

We are trying to give the children equal access to both parents and help parents understand that, when it comes to your child, your personal interests are secondary.

Michael Johnson


The global-warming hoax

In your climate editorial, you continue to discuss the fraud that is the theory of global warming without mentioning the e-mails which show that this theory has been fostered by lies, the purposeful manipulation of data and a campaign to destroy anyone who disagrees with it that would make Joe McCarthy blush.

The only "scientific consensus" is from those who will profit if job-killing and tax-hiking policies go into effect because of a theory that is a complete and total lie.

Todd S. Cohen, Philadelphia