Iagree with Richard Leftwich's letter (

"Overdosing on Notre Dame," Dec. 11


Let's see, we have the Ivy champs in Penn, 'Nova will be playing for the National Championship this Friday (Yes, B[C]S, there is such a thing as a playoff in that division where a champion is actually earned on the field), and Temple is preparing for its first bowl in 30 years (vs. UCLA) - and we have to read about the soap opera and coaching change for a school in the middle of nowhere that does nothing for our community?

Penn, Temple and 'Nova are a combined 30-6 with the possibility of two more wins, and deserve more coverage. I see where Notre Dame had to eat about $20 million to buy out Coach Weis and his assistants. If they have that kind of money to throw around in today's economy, they should feel free to send a few million to Cardinal Dougherty and North Catholic. In the meantime, enjoy the Bowl Season you won't be participating in!

Joe "Jake" Dunphy, Philadelphia