AS A TEACHER at South Philadelphia High School, I think the Asian students involved in the recent violence aren't the only victims.

So are faculty, staff - and taxpayers.

Rules that often help prevent such conduct need to be enforced religiously but aren't, and, consequently, a once-proud house of learning has been reduced to a house of lamentation.

The educational experience of faculty and students alike has been marred beyond redress and so has the array of accomplishment by teachers and students. All of our efforts should now focus on healing.

As a scholar, I long for these sweet dreams of yesteryear, but such is not what the taint of progressive left-wing policy hath wrought in our "classrooms" - and still less in all the world.

As teachers, my colleagues and I need not "imagine greatness," for it is within us and in our teaching - in our classrooms and in all that we do.

My advice: Be not alone and be not afraid. Do not allow the tumults and trammels of recent events to sell us short.

Be proud of who you are and in what you do. It's not hard.

This is the creed by which we as teachers, in such full measure, have propelled America on her path to greatness and by which we are called to serve.

Jonathan R. Verlin

South Philadelphia High School

SINCE THE 1970s, Asian students have been targeted for violence at South Philly High - with school officials usually underplaying the incidents, along with many other crimes that go on in our city's schools.

To the School District: If you like sweeping things under the rug, then get a job as a janitor.

Stop race-related violence at Southern!

Greg Bucceroni, Coordinator

Crime Victim Services/ Youth

Violence & Crime Reduction

Partnership, Philadelphia

Comcast & A.I.

The day of Allen Iverson's return was a sad one for his fans.

Many friends wanted to come over to my place and see him play, but I had to say no since Comcast won't let anyone who doesn't have Comcast see him.

One reason the Sixers are among the worst-attended NBA teams in the league is that we can never see how good our team is.

I was a Sixers fan for many years, but now I could care less.

Lynn Bridges


Those prenups

More and more people, like Tiger Woods, are signing prenuptial agreements. Doesn't anybody marry for love anymore?

Robert F. Schaffer