DEAR ANDREW J. Dankanich,

Your letter is complimentary about what W didn't do.

Well, what did he do but put us into a war to defend another country while our young men and women are dying every day?

He sent our soldiers over to Iraq and Afghanistan to die for what? You are trying to blame President Obama for the mess this country is in, but he took office with this country in such a great depression. I wonder how long will it take to bring this country back from the brink of destruction. Give Obama a chance and stop criticizing the man for something that was handed to him on a gold platter.

The people are losing their homes, car dealers are going out of business, and George W. Bush is sitting in Texas on his ranch with his pockets full and he doesn't have a worry in the world. Obama is a decent man who is trying to bring this country back to a decent place to live and all you do his blame him for the mess that this country is in instead of the person who is totally responsible.

When President Clinton was in office, the country had a surplus of funds and then when G.W. took office the country almost went bankrupt because of his antics. Obama came into this position with all the baggage left behind by George W. Bush.

We have people in this country who do not have jobs and are homeless, and banks are foreclosing on people's mortgages.

What happened to the weapons of mass destruction? Has anyone ever seen them or have they been found?

The only reason you are criticizing Obama is because you, like a lot of other people in this country, want to see him fail. But Obama will not fail. He is for the entire country and not just for the rich. He is for "All the People."

Lora Neal