I'M WRITING ABOUT the article pertaining to the closing of libraries.

If Mayor Nutter needs money, how about cutting out prisoners' health care! They didn't have health care before they were locked up - NOW they do!

My ex-girlfriend was a nurse at the prisons. They get everything they need, including hormone injections at around $700 a pop.

If you commit a crime, you leave all your rights on the doorstep. No health care. I'd bet we could open more libraries.

I'm tired of hearing the elderly complain about the cost of their prescriptions when inmates get everything for free.

Michael S. Ingram, Philadelphia

Time for new blood in politics

It's time for all those over 50 in politics to work only 20 years, get a pension and let those 25-50 years old take over. It's their future. We over 60 have blown it the last 30-40 years.

Now it's time for them to look out for their generation.

Hughes A. Robinson, Philadelphia