IN YESTERDAY'S sports section, Paul Hagan wrote that Vince Fumo and sports fans like to spend OPM (other people's money). Well, Mr. Hagan forgot about one group of people that spends other people's money like no one else - liberals.

Today Joseph Carlin advocates paying for health care through the government confiscating profits of the oil and pharmaceutical industries. Hey, why not? It's not Joe's money. As long as you are at it, is there anything else you would like them to pay for, Joe? Do you have a mortgage you want paid off? I'm sure you must want a new car. Oh, and how unfair is it that if you want a vacation, that you actually have to pay for it yourself?

If liberals had their way, sooner or later these industries and many others would be taxed into extinction or to the point where very few people could afford their products and services. Then what do you do, Joe? If you or someone in your family needs special medication, who will you turn to? If big oil goes out of business or raises prices to offset the new taxes, I'm sure you would have no problem biking to work or pushing your car that those greedy bastards wouldn't pay for.

It's amazing that people like Mr. Carlin have such a sense of entitlement to other people's money. But hey, why should he and others like him do for themselves when they have a radical group of socialists in power who have no problem taking from someone who earned something and giving it to someone who didn't earn it?

Todd S. Cohen, Philadelphia

Joseph Carlin's letter reveals much about his own character when he states that health care could be paid for in 2010 by taxing the hell out of Big Oil and the pharmaceutical companies. I've got news for Mr. Carlin: The "insane profits" that both of these industries make are none of the government's business, and, in fact, are proof of our free market system at work. You know, the system that made America the economic leader in the world and keeps people employed.

Mr. Carlin should stop being jealous of rich people or move to a Commie country where everyone is poor except their dictators. How much money a private industry makes is no one's business but their own. Not Obama's, not Pelosi's, and most certainly not Mr. Carlin's, no matter how envious he is of their "greed" and "profits." Grow up, Mr. Carlin, greed is good. It creates jobs, except when it's government greed; then it only creates debt and unemployment.

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia