TO LETTER-writer Lora Neal: Why in the world would I want our president to fail?

I don't want our mayor to fail, and I think he is doing a terrible job, but who do you blame for that - Mayor Street?

I'm tired of the same old broken promises, the same talk about doing this and doing that and nothing ever getting done, they are all the same - Obama, W., Clinton, a tiger never changes its stripes. It sounds like you're trying to make this a hate issue and it isn't. I am speaking on behalf of (as you put it) "all the people" - just check the local poll about our president.

When one of our leaders fails, we are all affected. President Obama, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you are trying to do, because if you fail and don't get re-elected, you're gonna get blamed for every future mess the new president creates.

Andrew J. Dankanich, Philadelphia