SEN. JOE Lieberman once again shows the duplicity of his ways.

With the Health Care Bill on the verge of resolution, he suddenly changed his mind and rejected the 55-and-over Medicare option, although he was quoted previously as being in favor.

Lieberman is not an Independent. He's just a self-centered man only concerned about his own interests and those of his health insurance benefactors.

He revealed his true side when he waltzed around with McCain and Palin two elections away from running as the Democratic nominee for vice president.

Connecticut should see him as the traitor he is and send him into retirement. He makes Judas Iscariot look like Mother Teresa!

Anthony J. Frascino

Swedesboro, N.J.

Not fond of foreigners

Recently, the Daily News said we have more than 100,000 illegal foreigners just in Philadelphia.

America had never been in such a crisis until our government in D.C. let every foreigner come into the U.S. We now have 10 percent unemployment.

They work under the table, cheap. Mayor Nutter, instead of laying people off, hire people to find these illegal foreigners and send them back to their own country. Put a chip in their ears so they cannot sneak back.

Stop letting anyone come here until our economy is better and unemployment is down.

Mr. So So from South Philadelphia said he sends $800 a month back to his country. Do you know how many senior citizens are only getting $600 a month on Social Security?

While our American boys are getting killed, the foreigners are working here and sending money to their country.

Joan Reese, Philadelphia