WITH THIS being an era of "going green," we would like to share some information about an up-and-coming energy-efficient trend that we believe could have major positive effects on our environment.

Green roofs, used in Europe for some time, are becoming increasingly popular with owners of homes and businesses in the U.S. The reason is that it has been proven that green roofs last longer, absorb rainwater better (decreasing the need for drainage systems) and can save money by reducing energy costs.

This could mean cleaner air, cooler cities, reduced energy consumption, more beautiful rooftops, less untreated storm water running into our rivers and streams and more natural habitat for native plants and animals, supporting greater biodiversity in our cities.

Philadelphia is continuing to make great progress in becoming a green city, having been named one of the top healthier cities in the U.S.

Recently, a green roof was placed on PECO headquarters in Center City. At 45,000 square feet, it's the largest green roof ever added to an existing building. It's our hope more people will opt to look into the benefits of a green roof.

Deborah Grady

& Shlonda Jones

West Chester University of Pa.