HOW MUCH more space are you going to waste on Stephanie Cruel? She does nothing but complain. Rules are rules and apply to everyone! If you don't like the policy, put your child in private school.

Last time, her daughter wasn't wearing the uniform due to the expense, but when readers called her out on spending frivolously on her nails, she changed the reason.

Now her daughter has medical problems. Never have I heard of someone not being able to wear light-colored clothing. If this was true, Ms. Cruel should have no problem submitting a doctor's note. Get over yourself, Ms. Cruel, and teach your daughter about respecting the rules in life, or she'll turn out just like you!

Theresa Porter, Philadelphia

You've got to be kidding, Stephanie Cruel! Instead of worrying about your daughter attending class regularly and getting the best education possible, you choose to protest a school-uniform policy?

Unbelievable. A few months ago, you said you couldn't afford the uniforms while displaying your sculpted set of nails. You have a right to pampering, but the cost of your nails is at least one pair of pants. So the school district responded that they'd buy uniforms for your daughter.

But, no - not good enough. Now you come up with some "medical" reason why your daughter can't wear the khakis. I'd love to peruse your daughter's wardrobe and see the amount of black and dark blue clothing she wears.

Puleez! You're wasting precious time for the school administration and your daughter. Rules are rules, regardless of whether they are now enforcing the policy because of Tony Danza or Santa Claus.

We may not always agree with policy or rules, but as adults, we must teach our children to adhere to them when they're reasonable. And this policy is certainly reasonable for more reasons than not!

Lenise Johnson, Wilmington, Del.