Have you noticed . . .

That President Obama thinks caulking and insulation are sexy but didn't include Michelle in that category?

That he had to have a jobs summit because he never had a real job? No, community agitating is not a real job.

That, in Copenhagen, Denmark, the developed countries told the developing countries they couldn't develop any further?

That Al Sharpton's group protested outside Frankford High, and said that it isn't right for a black student to be pummeled. But there wasn't a peep from them at South Philly High when it was the black students doing the pummeling?

That the cops are out chasing those dastardly bikers, but didn't know that city employees were stealing the entire contents of homes they were supposed to be cleaning?

That the Daily News keeps having those forms to keep the paper "local" - but the editorial board keeps pushing for the federal government to run our entire lives?

Finally, a little holiday humor: If sports players get athlete's feet, what do astronauts get? - "Missile toe."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tom Bell