THERE COMES a time when you simply have to do the right thing in life.

When your job depends on integrity and honesty, especially if it's a public position that can affect the safety of yourself and co-workers as well as how well you are able to do your job, then you need to do the right thing.

The Fraternal Order of Police and President John McNesby are not doing the right thing by simply protecting and fighting to reinstate officers who have done wrong. No matter how much proof of misconduct is accumulated, they don't care. And that is why the police department is in such disarray with men and women who have no business wearing a badge and calling themselves officers.

What are the FOP and its president afraid of?

Haven't enough officers died to give the FOP and McNesby the hint that the actions of one or a few bad officers put all officers at risk within the communities they patrol? But neither McNesby nor other FOP brass are out on patrol, so their lives and reputations are not in danger, just those of the officers they represent.

But what about public perception in the community that basically says if you have a badge, you can do whatever you like with no consequence? I think the FOP needs to be at the bottom of the kitty litter rather than Commissioner Ramsey's new directives.

James R. Brawner III, Philadelphia

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Whence morality cometh

Letter-writer Michael McGonigle says that "to think that morality was unknown before Jesus is ludicrous." Even the rapper Ludacris would find that statement "ludicrous."

Where in history anywhere on Earth before Jesus was there a nation that believed in peace, love and the brotherhood of man? Even the Bible is full of nothing but one murderous tyrant after another, and the people did nothing about it. Until the United States was founded by men who believed in the freedom that Jesus taught, there was no place on earth where man was "free," as God intended.

As an atheist, it's no surprise that the Christian reality of our nation, obvious to anyone who reads the actual words of our founders, would leave you "angry and dismayed."

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia

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The missing BP ads

Isn't it amazing that, a few years ago, BP was spending billions on glossy TV commercials?

The oil and gas industry was spending billions on phony TV spots opposing oil and gas taxes as well as glamorizing how technology would create new jobs, reduce our dependency on foreign oil and make gas cheaper. Well, where are those commercials after the BP oil disaster? I guess they'll need the money to fend off all the federal, state, local and private lawsuits.

Edward Dubin, Philadelphia

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Out of the mouths of babes . . .

My 5-year-old granddaughter, who is very alert to everything around her, recently asked me, "Why does the school bus driver wear a seat belt, and the students don't have them?"

Anyone have a good answer I can give her?

William Palmer, Philadelphia