WITH ALL THAT we hear that's wrong in our public schools, I'd like to take a moment to recognize some things that are going right.

Friday marks my daughter's last day at Meredith Elementary, which has become a very special place to my wife, my daughter and myself. It's filled with incredible teachers and staff who truly love working with the children.

There is an energy that hits you when you walk into the schoolyard and building that's hard to explain. I wish every kid in Philadelphia had a chance to work with this amazing team.

My wife and I would like to thank my daughter's teachers over the past few years, Anthony Spina, Robert Hamm, Serena Kuney and Danielle Slaughter, for the great job they've done. All of these individuals exemplify what we want in our teachers. Meredith is lucky to have all of them on its staff.

Michael A. Ginsberg