IATTENDED the Bok-West Catholic game on Nov. 20 and walked away disgusted by the number of armed police and security officers present at a high-school football game.

I counted more than 40 uniformed Philadelphia police officers, supplemented by additional armed security officers and School District police. The game was attended by only about 400 spectators.

I'm appalled by the amount of taxpayer dollars wasted on this day, especially since neither school was involved in any of the "incidents" that took place in the past.

To further anger me, I witnessed a high-ranking School District police officer having what seemed like a questionable interaction with a student because the student asked how he could get to the proper side of the stadium.

As a father, educator and coach, this encounter hurt me because I think this overkill of a response was politically and racially motivated. I personally heard more than one student athlete question why this was necessary.

I encourage the powers that be to do their homework on our children. Get to know them, because whether or not they live in your community, or look like you, you'll encounter them one way or another.

To the credit of both school communities, the teams played hard and didn't let anything distract them from the goal of winning a city championship, even if it was 11 a.m. Sad!

Virgil Sheppard


nolead begins

The organs of life

As the recipient of a double lung transplant six months ago, I'm truly happy to see the generosity of Paco Rodriguez's family in donating his organs to needy people. Only through the generosity of my donor and his family am I alive today.

Everyone should realize that by donating organs another person may go on living. Give the Gift of Life, please.

John J. Waltrich