IT'S TIME we got off the backs of the TSA employees and let them do their job.

The inconvenience of long lines, pat-down searches and full body scans is little price to pay for reducing the odds of a mean-eyed fanatic sneaking onboard and turning your aircraft into a guided missile.

Suppose the TSA caves in to popular opinion and cuts back on their searches. Then what? I know I'd be sweating bullets on a plane every time someone who didn't look like Taylor Swift got up to go to the restroom. Sometimes we just have to suffer for our safety.

Frank Mooney, Prospect Park

I'm appalled by all the idiots against the TSA pat-downs and screenings, especially the pilots.

I'd stand naked in a private room to be searched if need be because safety comes first when flying post-9/11. These screeners are doing their job professionally, and I'm sure they feel uncomfortable, too.

The next time a bomber gets on a plane, these idiots will be the first to complain. Shut up, take your minute of shame and feel safe.

Stefan Kumor, Delran

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The income gap

Re Mel FitzSimmons' Nov. 22 letter defending Arlene Ackerman:

I'm still awaiting the real achievements that Ackerman has completed during her tenure as school superintendent. Meanwhile, our poor city gave Ackerman a nice bonus as part of her contract. Stop having contracts that give away my money on top of an already escalated salary.

What has she done, specifically? Please share. I did notice the article about her getting an award. Other than that, I'm still awaiting the proof of what real things have changed since we've been paying Ackerman this humongous salary. I can't pay my bills, and I'm paying her salary?

K. Rhoads, Philadelphia

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Scouts: It's about the boys

Re the Boy Scouts:

It's not about a building, discrimination or gays, it's about giving boys skills to be productive members of society.

As a father who was a Scout and later a Scoutmaster when my sons were involved, it takes a village to raise a son. It's not about not allowing gay boys in the Scouts, but openly gay men in leadership is not something I'd want my sons to have to experience at a young age.

When I was a Scout in the '60s, gays were involved in Scouting, as a kid you kind of figured it out. But in this day and age, you have to be so protective.

Let's be serious. It's like everything is feminized. Can't anybody stand up for manhood? We are wired differently.

V. Baron Strong


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It's absolutely atrocious that City Council members keep getting cost-of-living increases every year.

I retired from the Police Department on Sept. 11, 1988, and since then I received a very small increase several years later. Then, much later, a "bonus" of somewhere near $1,000, a one-time thing, and not a COLA increase.

My entire pension is now approximately a third of the $7,500 City Council recently received as a COLA!!

If City Council can receive a COLA each year, why can't we retirees, who probably served more years than most members of Council, get one, too? Anyone have an answer for that?

William Palmer, Philadelphia

Pennsylvania legislators are getting a 1.7 percent raise, but the little people who depend on Social Security won't.

All the money that the legislators get makes the money that retirees receive look like peanuts. The legislators should be ashamed for even considering taking a raise when the people who really need it are denied one.

Lora Neal, Philadelphia