WE NOW know what it costs to go from first to worst: $126 million.

That's how much it took to lure rightfielder Jayson Werth from his coveted spot with the first-place Phillies to the last-place Washington Nationals.

We mostly wish Werth well. He'll always have a place in our hearts thanks to his starring role on the team that won the World Series in 2008. During that magic year, he had a .273 average with 24 home runs, including a two-run homer in the fourth game of the series that showcased the Phils' dominance.

We were less impressed with Werth when he angrily cursed at a fan that got in his way while he was trying to catch a foul ball. Werth yelled at the fan not only in front of thousands of people, but also his young son.

Werth made the whole thing worse by offering a lame nonapology the next day.

If anything, Werth reminds us that no matter how attached fans get to any individual player-and we're attached in one way or another to every player on that fateful 2008 team - sports is about getting paid. Money talks, even if it means going to a team like the Nationals. *