RE THE LETTER from Leisha Jackson Graham (

"Dems vs. GOP"

): A lot of people saw President Obama say on "60 Minutes" that he reached out to the GOP, but they weren't having it. When was that? During the primaries, Obama assured his administration would bring "transparency" and "bipartisanship." Everyone knows now just how transparent his and Nancy Pelosi's health-care plan was before it was rammed through. When Republicans wanted input, he rejected it with the now-famous retort "I won!"

Mayor Bloomberg called Obama "the most arrogant man I've ever met" after an afternoon of golf.

He still thinks his "shellacking" was due to poor PR, not dismal policies. And James Carville repeated his comment that Hillary Clinton has more backbone than Obama. The president appears bored already with the job just as he was after 143 days as a senator.

Georgia Makiver, Lansdowne