THE president has again caved in to the obstruction of the Rushpublicans on the Tax Cuts for the Rich. This deal reminds me of Chamberlain and Hitler at Munich.

As always, when you "negotiate" with thugs, they're emboldened to attack again and again. At Munich, Chamberlain wasn't prepared to push back, and we got "Peace in our time" - eventually. In this case, the Democrats have weapons: the veto, the presidency and Senate majority. In January, look for a rerun of the Rushpublicans and Democrats playing "Lucy, Charlie Brown and the Football."

Robert D. Eckel, Southampton

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The other shoe DROPs

Isn't it amazing that City Council members signed up for Deferred Retirement Option Plan have found a way to get their full salary as a pension if they are re-elected next year? Members who signed up for this program shouldn't run. If they signed up for retirement, then retire and get new blood in there.

You shouldn't be allowed to resign and get re-elected. Now they're going to get these raises in their pension if they're re-elected. Real-estate taxes, up 9.9 percent, sales tax, one point, you can't find money to negotiate with city unions. The government says the cost of living hasn't gone up, so people on Social Security don't get a raise again. What planet are they living on?

Mario Marchetti


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Big bucks for Jayson

Jayson Werth, like many who've gone before, can lobby for big oil and other special interests when his term is up in Washington. That's when he'll really make the big bucks.

Jim Acton, Collegeville

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Dec. 7 & Sept. 11

I read in the

National Enquirer

that FDR got a warning from the British that the Japanese were planning an attack on Pearl Harbor two months before Dec. 7, 1941. President George Bush received a warning from the CIA that al Qaeda was planning an attack six weeks before 9/11. Does it tell you something about our government when history repeats itself?

Robert F. Schaffer