REGARDING Paul Litwin's letter on not objecting to Christmas:

As a Jew going to public elementary school in Chester during the '50s, I was often subjected to anti-Semitism. I heard the taunts "Jew" and "Christ-killer."

Every morning, we were required to read our favorite passage from the Bible, and therefore I would have to listen to excerpts from the New Testament that were quite alien to me. The "Christmas" pageant had absolutely no Hanukkah songs, yet 10 years after the Holocaust, I was required to sing "Stille Nacht."

Things in America have gotten much better for Jews, blacks and other minorities as our society has gotten more "politically correct." By leaving the world of tax-funded, Christian-only pageantry, seasons and "vacations," minority religions and people are now accorded more respect.

No, Mr. Litwin, I don't want to return to the good old days of the Christmas break and Christmas concert!

Yankel Gorokhofskij, Radnor