RE HOWARD Lurie's op-ed,

"A Jewish View of the 'Holiday Season' ":

I agree, Christmas isn't for every one. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur aren't for everyone either, but schools and government offices are closed to recognize this holiday. It is shameful for a professor with your level of education to say that the only reason we decorate for Hanukkah is because of Christmas. Jews celebrate their holidays, Muslims have Ramadan and black people celebrate Kwanzaa.

Christians have Christmas. If you don't like living in a majority Christian nation, there is a country that follows Jewish law and celebrates Jewish holidays and nothing else - it's called Israel.

If this were Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, you wouldn't see Christmas or Hanukkah decorations, and you wouldn't question it, because their national religion is Islam. So I'd appreciate it if you and everyone else would drop the issue. Merry Christmas!

Sean Bain, Philadelphia