TO LETTER-writer Joseph Cirella, who criticized Jennifer Grey's win over Bristol Palin:

Since the show is called "Dancing with the Stars," Jennifer Grey at 50 years old with a bad back outdanced the younger women in a thrilling fashion! The work that Jen has done in the past truly makes her that "star."

What makes Palin a star? The fact that she had a baby out of wedlock or that her mother is who she is? Seems to me these two should be on "Dancing with the Fake Stars."

Reality shows bite, big time! Anybody can be crowned a "star," if they have the credentials or not. It seems to be just a pool of no-name, no-talent people. As someone who's still dancing at 50, I applaud Jen's win, working her butt off through the pain. That's what real stars do.

Ajay Jones, Philadelphia