HIGHEST PROPERTY taxes in the nation, gay marriage, no death penalty?

Now a 21-gun salute for a filthy animal you nitwits refer to as a dog?

I have to get out of this state.

I'm referring to Jason Nark's article honoring "Sgt. Schultz."

Do you think that the canines brought from other states at the cost of the taxpayers knew where they were headed for the day? Was it an open casket?

Five years in prison for killing a dog, are you kidding me? The suspect should have thrown the cop into on coming traffic. He'd be out of prison already.

I keep looking at our Constitution and Bill of Rights - unsuccessfully I might add - for the section on dogs. Yet these weak, spineless politicians keep writing laws protecting canines that have no place taking up time in our justice system.

When the Bible says an "eye for an eye," I don't think God intended it to be a dog's eye.

Bagpipes and tears for a dog, what a weak nation we've become.

Now I know why we haven't won a war since World War II. New Jersey and California - bookends for a doomed nation.

Mike Franklin, Marlton, N.J.