MAYOR NUTTER needs a GPS if he believes the city is going in the right direction.

The mayor and City Council raised property taxes 10 percent for residents (even though the economy is in the worst recession since World War II), they approved hiking Philadelphia's sales tax to 8 percent (to help with the city's large deficit), the mayor along with the police initiated a program in which the police can "stop and frisk" any Philadelphian "who looks suspicious" (a practice encouraged in mostly minority and poor neighborhoods of Philadelphia).

This last practice by the mayor and the police have caused more civil suits against the city - yet "stop and frisk" has not seemed to have had an impact on reducing crime.

The mayor also said that Philadelphians have embraced Michael Vick. Mr. Mayor, speak for yourself - I have not embraced Vick, nor will I ever.

So where's that GPS that can show Nutter the direction this Philadelphian believes we are moving in?

Tina Bellosi


The newspapers say that Mayor Nutter has some weak support in the black community.

Certain unions have had their difficulties with him. He raised the real estate taxes by 9.9 percent. He also raised the sales taxes to 8 percent. He was constantly threatening to cut city services.

There are more than 1.4 million residents in Philadelphia and we can't get a least one person to run against Nutter?

I guess the politicians don't really care who holds the title of mayor as long as their political patronage havens and contracts continue - using our dollars.

Mayer Krain