I SENT a letter to you weeks ago about the lack of fire protection in Frankford.

You did not publish it. Now today, three firefighters and one civilian were injured in the area once covered by Engine 14. A quicker application of water on this fire should have been accomplished. The administration will tell you that an apparatus was on scene at a specific time. They will be right. But that fire truck was Ladder 15. They come from the same building where Engine 14 was housed. Also, Ladder 15 has no water for fighting a fire. They also have two fewer firefighters for the rest of the day because they were some of the casualties today. When will my neighbors be afforded the proper fire protection?

Ray Vozzelli, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Kudos to mayor on Village

The general public of this great city appreciates and congratulates Mayor Nutter's bold, unbiased, sincere, and timely decision and action with regard to a few critics' complaint about naming the commercial enterprise around City Hall as Christmas Village. With his initiative and typical leadership, the situation was handled and resolved well, and his action sent an effective message and lesson to the nation as well.

Furthermore, his decision and action directly or indirectly sends a message to the critics who clamor now and then, about using the name of God and saying a general prayer in public schools, and other general meetings and public events.

Nutter must be congratulated and appreciated for his views and general conviction in recognizing religious tolerance and appreciating other people's traditional religious, social and cultural customs, habits and societal aspects, which are well established and practiced. The general norms of diversity in the society must be respected, using common sense, with the general dictum "live and let live."

M.S. Swamickannu, Philadelphia