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Letters: Strangler saga another sad chapter for Kensington

I WAS BORN and raised in Kensington around the same spot where all these girls are getting attacked and beaten, raped and killed.

I WAS BORN and raised in Kensington around the same spot where all these girls are getting attacked and beaten, raped and killed.

The neighborhood is a virtual cesspool. Empty lots and trash strewed all around. First off for the people who live there, I don't know how they let it get that way. Immigrants came over and trashed the vicinity. From my knowledge of living there for 35 years, the killer must be from the area. The people had a candlelight vigil and a protest. The one woman said the police are doing nothing about the attacks. That is completely wrong. They are heavy on the case. They can't bring in every prostitute. They, the hookers, should not entertain the area any way. A lot of them have good families.

The police will get this bum eventually, one of the girls will recognize him and get his DNA and match it. It is usually a guy who had a bad experience with a hooker. In time this creep will be caught. I hope it is soon. The Philly officials have to do something about the slum area, but it all comes down to the budget. Let the neighbors clean up the filth.

George J. Walton, Upper Darby

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Those were leaner times

When I was a child, all of our meals were prepared at home and without that many snacks in between. We played games outside and even sweated in gym classes. Today, children only exercise their mouths and thumbs. So is it any wonder they are so overweight?

One way of seeing the change is that when we were young we had to gyrate in order to keep a hula hoop from hitting the ground. Today it would be just a colorful belly band.

Mayer Krain, Philadelphia

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You call that generous?

Eagles player Ellis Hobbs gave a bank manager $100 toward Christmas toys and that's front-page news? Does $200 get you the front and back pages?

It's nice Hobbs wants to help a family during Christmas, but why not go into the neighborhood where the family will not be getting any toys and not give to a bank manager already in line to pay for her toys?

First help those who can't afford to get in line before you help those already in line waiting and able to pay.

Teddy Parker, Erial, N.J.

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'Don't tell' me this is good

As a former soldier, I must object to the discontinuation of the "Don't ask, don't tell" law. As we all know, the military has open showers and no separate cubicles. I do not want a naked man who claims he is gay taking a shower with me. What happened to the Americans' morality code? It's disgusting. It's the beginning of the end of our so-called democracy.

John Stuhr, Philadelphia