I FIND IT extremely unfair and ironic that a police officer's life is worth more than a prostitute and or drug addict. I can understand that the officer might have more to live for than the prostitute, one gets paid to uphold the law, the other tries to make some money breaking the law.

Some people's lives have difficult circumstances that lead them to do questionable acts. But theoretically, is one life worth more than the other? A Philadelphia police officer was shot last week; fortunately he was not mortally wounded, the reward given by the city is $10,000 to find the shooter. The "Kensington Strangler" killed three women and nearly raped and killed three more, the reward given by one of the murder victim's families is $4,000.

If the city would kick up a couple grand like they do for their own, maybe a killer can be taken off the streets.

Stefan Kumor, Delran, N.J.

nolead begins

About that raise . . .

On behalf of all senior citizens, I would like to thank all the elected officials in the city, state and federal level for the wonderful Christmas present that I received yesterday, namely a letter stating


raises for the second year in my small Social Security pension.

I hope you, your cronies and your staff enjoy your big, fat raises to help cover the cost of higher utility bills and property taxes. Why can't we vote on your raises? Oh, I know, most of you feel that you're better than us and think you know what's best for us and voted automatic pay raises paid by us a long time ago.

All you voters out there should remember this when election time rolls around and watch TV as they all sit in their huge plush chairs deciding what's best for everyone, which doesn't include themselves.

Joe Gajewski, Philadelphia