TOO BAD, too sad, that the people who didn't bother to vote or who did vote for the Republicans are now feeling the wrath of the rich. Because you didn't give one thought about what you were doing, now you will know what you did by voting them in office. You sit around now and have no money for even the barest of what you need.

And if you think you hurt the president by voting for them, guess what? You didn't, because all the things that went on during the health-care debates, holding up signs showing the president as Hitler, well, who comes out on the losing end? You do, because the same people you voted in office only care about the rich, and half of them you put in office are already rich, duh! They show no compassion. They are liars and deceivers because as Malcolm X said, "You were bamboozled." You complained that Obama was just a community organizer, well, I believe he tried to do the right thing for you and if you can't see it, well, get some glasses instead of saying racist things and showing pictures of Obamacare.

You should have had some type of sense going forward, and listening to even some of the talking heads on TV might have helped you. Oh, not Fox, because they are just stupid, like you. I knew you had no idea when I saw signs saying stay away from my Medicare. Well, guess who funds it? And the rich people who make all their money and move to Florida, guess why? Tom Corbett, ugh! I was even surprised to see Patrick Murphy defeated you. Cry about the veterans and this is how you reward them? You complained about jobs, jobs. Well, see how many you will get now. I feel sorry for your children, who will have nothing for Christmas, which is just one day, but what about the rest of the time?

Harriet B. Brown, Philadelphia