RE OP-ED columnist Christine Flowers' statement about "earning the right" to be in your face on Desean Jackson's celebratory flop:

There was once an attribute in sports called "class."

You say the elders need to lighten up. Well that's why society is like it is.

We have thug cops because we lightened up on accountabilty and standards of conduct. We have multiple-offending criminals because we lightened up on punishment. We have inmates released in error because we lightened up on being meticulous in our jobs.

Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders and many others had talent - and class. More currently, Manny Paquiou is the best boxer in the world - no "flash."

In the true spirit of athletics, we are supposed to send a message to our admirers, young and old - I am great,but too bent on being greater than to gloat.

Michael Vick epitomizes this, as do Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

We have "lightened up," Ms. Flowers - in every aspect.

Take a step back and look at the result. Cliff Lee says "that's part of it" for fans to yell obsentities and exhibit deplorable behaviors. But how low can we go?

Walter Collins, Philadelphia