I'M NOT A SPORTS fan, but as I was reading my morning news, I came across the article about Michael Vick wanting a dog and how it would be beneficial to his rehabilitation.

I have no doubt he's sincere and that a bond with a pet could cause a deeper sense of sorrow for his past actions.

I don't condone what happened, and he took his punishment. But the judge stated he can never have a dog.


As I read on, there was an article about sex offenders getting jobs in schools even after they've had altercations, criminal records and a history of sex offenses.

So they head off to a different school, get another job (one even got a letter of recommendation from the previous school), and this time around the infraction involving a child is now far worse than the original crime they committed.

My reaction? That we would go so far to protect a dog from harm, but not our children?

Then I read on, to find that pigs are being abused by squeezing so many of them in a space that it prevents them from even turning around.

This is going on by a subsidiary of a very large company who feeds us ham and pork products.

Will these farmers be told they can no longer have pigs?


How can one single man be told he can never own a dog, without exceptions, and then sex offenders are getting second chances to sexually abuse our children in an environment where parents expect our children to be safe?

In an environment where criminal records are being overlooked?

Where bullying is not tolerated and there is zero tolerance for any type of physical violence - but sexual offenders are welcome?

Something is quite wrong and very disturbing with this picture.

Angela Money

Mount Pocono, Pa.