IHAVE TO say it.

These multimillionaire athletes beat up their wives, deposit kids all over the place, take drugs, drive drunk - and everything is OK because they can play a sport!

Just look at the payoffs Kobe Bryant and Ben Roethlisberger made to their accusers in sex cases.

Now I'm totally sickened by the way people have begun to worship Michael Vick.

He didn't just fight dogs and bankroll the organization. He also tortured dogs and used other animals as bait.

He stood by and watched and dogs scream in agony as they were being torn apart. He killed dogs he no longer wanted. He lied to authorities and the NFL before he could no longer hide behind those lies.

People tend to forget that when they claim, "Well, the man should be able to make a living." I agree. But playing in the NFL is a gift. Being able to make millions for only working 16 days out the of the year is a gift!

Why did he deserve to get a second chance at that? Although I'm sickened by it and pray the Eagles lose every day, it's reality and I accept that.

All of you Michael Vick supporters need your heads examined. When Bill Clinton was found to be having an affair, people wanted to hang him - and he wasn't doing anything illegal by sleeping around

Slimy, yes, but not illegal.

But it doesn't matter.

I'm sure there would be people out there today volunteering to be the one to give Michael Vick that dog.

Anything for the win.

Maryann Valentino


In response to Jennifer Augustin's recent letter:

Whether you want to hear it or not, Michael Vick has done his time required by a jury of his peers.

So you think if he works in an animal shelter that would make the crime acceptable?

I highly suggest you read the book called the Holy Bible.

We've all done things that someone else may believe we shouldn't be forgiven for, so we need to be careful when we become so judgmental.

Is this all because he is having another chance to do what he enjoys?

Please - let's stop the name-calling. We teach our children not to call people names - but think it's justifiable when we do it. Michael Vick is not a monster - he is a person who made a horrific choice and has done the time required by law.

Joann Evans, Philadelphia

nolead begins

Is school probe racial?

To State Rep. Michael McGeehan, who's going to look into the awarding of a Philadelphia School District contract to a minority-run company:

How many times have other companies who happen to be white been investigated by a senator?

The only reason you want this contract investigated is that it was awarded to a minority firm.

If it was the other way around, they wouldn't hear a peep out of you. You are showing your true colors.

A lot of these other companies wouldn't even consider hiring a minority, but they still are awarded contracts by the city and other government agencies - and they are not investigated.

Lora Neal