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DN Editorial: 2010? Let's name it again!

Another year to welcome in verse (The one that's ending could hardly be worse). Hope springs eternal, so to all mentioned here,

Another year to welcome in verse

(The one that's ending could hardly be worse).

Hope springs eternal, so to all mentioned here,

In Two Thousand Eleven, a Happy New Year.

That means you, lame ducks Guv Ed Rendell,

And Sen. Specter (you guys did well).

Hang in, Michael Nutter, our embattled


(The job's impossible, concedes this naysayer).

To his predecessors, our praise, if not love:

John Street, Wilson Goode, Bill Green and

the Guv.

With holly boughs let the halls be decked

For Tom Corbett (he's our governor-elect),

For the judges who sit in our courts

And our reps in Congress - Brady, Fattah and Schwartz,

For City Council and Anna Verna, its prez,

For David L. Cohen (do whatever he says).

Enough politics? Then, how 'bout them Roys

And the other Phils (+ Cliff); way to go, boys!

And cheers for our Iggles, once McNabb's, now Vick's,

Dodo Hamilton, Dick Sprague, Sonny Hill,

Judy Wicks.

Welcome, maestro Yannick Nezet-Seguin.

Hail, Comcast Roberts-es, Ralph, Brian,


Dwight Evans, the Mattlemans (Herm and Marciene). Is

There mistletoe in the parks, Mike DiBerardinis?

Movers and shakers, keep movin' and shakin'.

Hail, Stephanie Naidoff, Hal Sorgenti,

Kevin Bacon,

M. Night Shyamalan, Mark Segal, Dick Clark,

Happy Fernandez, Sinatra-phile Sid Mark,

Zookeeper Vikram Dewan, Rina Cutler,

Bill Gray,

Dennis Alter, Nick DeBenedictis, host Georges Perrier.

Arlene Ackerman, who runs our school


D.A. Seth Williams (no way we'd have missed him),

Lynne Abraham (she's Seth's predecessor),

Carl Greene and whoever will be his successor,

Tim Rub (he heads our Art Museum),

C.B. Kimmins (always good to see him),

Temple's prexy, Ann Weaver Hart,

Amy Gutmann, her Penn counterpart,

Lily Yeh, Terry Gillen, Larry Magid,

Doctor J,

Muralist Jane Golden, satirist Tina Fey.

Kenny Gamble and, of course, Leon Huff,

Jon Saidel, Charlie Pizzi, the Flyers (hang tough!),

Alan Butkovitz, our city controller,

Center City's Paul Levy, Herb Lusk,

Joe Vignola,

Chief Ramsey and our men (and women) in blue,

"Hardball" 's Chris Matthews, Jerry

Mondesire, too,

Vanguard's John Bogle, Cardinal Justin


Bart Blatstein, Faye Moore, Neil Stein, Audrey Talley.

Gerry Lenfest, Jerry Blavat (keep 'em spinning),

Johnny Doc, the Sixers (how about winning?),

The Barnes' Derek Gillman, David Girard-diCarlo,

Sidney Kimmel, Camille Paglia, Stephen Starr. O,

Joy to the world - to Jane Pepper, Jeff Lurie,

Denise Scott Brown and Bob Venturi.

BILL Marrazzo,

Joey Vento, Jon Bon Jovi,

Bill Coleman, Peggy King, Dick Smoot,

Herb Magee,

Sister Scullion, Jill Scott,

Rosemarie Greco,

Library boss Siobhan Riordan, ex-judge Phyllis Beck. O

Rejoice, Kal Rudman, Ray Perelman,

Sly Stallone,

Zack Stalberg, the Hooters, Marge Tartaglione.

Vince Fumo (alas, still serving time). Will

The new year be kind to Rebecca Rimel

And to Feather Houstoun, folk maven

Gene Shay,

Boxing champ Bernard Hopkins? Hurray

For Tony Danza (teaching here on TV),

Bruce Crawley, Bernard Watson,

Joe Zuritsky.

Manny Stamatakis, Joe Torsella, Jim Tayoun,

Helen Gym, Ron Rubin, Will Smith,

Tom Muldoon,

Angel Ortiz, Bill Hankowsky, Nora Dowd Eisenhower,

Bill Cosby, Steve Cozen, Dawn Staley, Joe Neubauer.

Isaiah Zagar of South Street fame,

Bilal Qayyum (what a great name!),

Cheri Honkala, Laurada Byers,

The valiant folks who put out our fires,

The state's chief justice, Ron Castille,

Sharon Pinkenson, Peter Benoliel,

Gary Graffman, Cheri Honkala, Sam Katz,

Ed Snider, Jose Garces, Peter Nero, Andre


Estelle Richman,

Carl Dranoff, Chuck


Dennis Wint of the Franklin Institute. O,

All hail, Shelly Yanoff, Neal Oxman, Pedro


Henry Nicholas, Taylor Swift (she's become famous).

White House émigré Larry Summers -

And, ready to strut, our peerless Mummers.

Your name missing? Sorry, we've run out of space.

But we wish you the best (and the whole human race).

Thanks, Brian Tierney, for the old college try.

To the new guys in charge, don't let it die.

And to all of you from those listed here

(Plus this ancient alum), a Happy New Year!

Don Harrison's New Year's poem has been an annual tradition since he joined the Daily News in 1982. After "taking the buyout" in 2001, he has been editor of Milestones, the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's monthly newspaper. You can e-mail him at