CONGRATS to Al Golden, recently hired to coach the University of Miami.

What he did in his five years at the helm at Temple was nothing short of remarkable.

What once was the laughingstock of the college football fraternity, Coach Golden transformed into one of the more respected programs. It speaks volumes that coaches and coordinators from the top universities such as Penn State and Florida were openly campaigning to succeed coach Golden on N. Broad Street.

It wasn't that long ago when even a grad student from one of those schools would've turned down the Temple job.

Who knows? Perhaps five years from now we can bring Al Golden back to win a championship on . . . S. Broad Street.

Jason Henry


nolead begins

Hands-on Gov?

To the Gov:

If Sunday night's Eagles game hadn't been cancelled, would you have given your state trooper chauffeur the night off and driven your own car to the Linc? I don't think so.

Jim Acton