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Letters: Column on Lane & Mendte left him withan annoying Buzz

JUST READ columnist Buzz Bissinger's rant in the May 20 issue about Larry Mendte and how he demolished the career of poor Alycia Lane, his ex-CBS 3 colleague.

JUST READ columnist Buzz Bissinger's rant in the May 20 issue about Larry Mendte and how he demolished the career of poor Alycia Lane, his ex-CBS 3 colleague.

Buzz never mentions that Larry wouldn't be in this mess if there weren't noble journalists like Daily News columnist Dan Gross eager to type every salacious Lane detail that Mendte funneled his way.

We're also supposed to admire Bissinger's candid disclosure that Lane's a saintly good friend whom he considers funny, sassy and bright. Please tell me this friendship didn't blossom after Lane emailed Bissinger the same bikini photos she sent to married TV football analyst Rich Eisen.

John Scanlon, West Deptford, N.J.

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Bikers from nowhere

I've had many encounters with cyclists in the city. And it is always the same problem: While I'm looking out for other cars, pedestrians and traffic lights, some bozo on a bike comes zooming out of nowhere in a way that couldn't have been anticipated by any sane person - and now he's mad at me for almost hitting him.

I do everything I can to not hit anyone, but bikers in Center City make that almost impossible. If bikers want a lane, and they STAY in it, then I have no problem with more lanes for bikes.

Jonathan Pinkett, Manayunk

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Try rapture-mongering

Since the "rapture" didn't materialize - again - is there a credible chance of charging Harold Camping with disorderly conduct?

He's a con artist and a lunatic and needs to be shown you can't act any way you want - and hide behind religion while doing it - without suffering the consequences.

Donna Di Giacomo


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Entitlement sacrifices

As a 64-year-old who's been on unemployment and approaching the age where I'll be relying on Medicare, I feel honored that by planning to cut back on both benefits the Republicans have called on me to do my part to reduce the country's debt. I hope the more affluent members of our society and corporations aren't insulted by not being asked to participate.

Jim Saldutti, Philadelphia

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Good deeds on Eadom St.

Philadelphia always tends to get negative remarks, so here's a positive one:

The 5300 block of Eadom Street near I-95 in Bridesburg had a large lot that attracted sexual and drug activity. Thanks to the Water Department, along with Greener Philadelphia and the 15th Police District, for helping us transform it into beautiful gardens.

The Water Department crew who were very dedicated in planting and creating this garden have done a wonderful job. The 15th Police District has helped in removing the drug and sexual activity, and is keeping an eye out for the garden, along with the neighbors. It takes a village to make nice things happen.

We appreciate all the work being done, and the compassion to make a positive change.

Maryann Zindell, Philadelphia

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Vick the wrong speaker

The students Michael Vick will be speaking to are graduating from a high school that deals with students who have academic and behavior problems. What they need is a person who'll inspire them, and tell them that even though the last four years have been tough for them, they achieved something they will always be proud of.

Do we believe that Mr. Vick will be an inspirational speaker? I think not.

Tina Bellosi, Philadelphia