WILL BUNCH's recent article identifies wealthy Americans who are voluntarily donating their money to push greater school choice. Bunch fails to balance the story by identifying the groups lobbying against school choice - groups profiting off the $26 billion Pennsylvanians spend on public schools, whose revenue comes not by voluntary contributions, but by tax dollars and forced dues.

More than $81 million is funneled through school districts to the numerous acronyms of special-interest groups. These groups have formed a coalition called "Pennsylvanians Opposed to Vouchers," lobbying with tax dollars against the best interest of taxpayers.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association - through the union dues and fair-share fees school districts forcibly deduct from employee paychecks - is running radio and TV ads attacking vouchers and calling for more tax dollars for public schools. In another case, a Democratic political-consulting firm has been running a stealth campaign against vouchers, posing as a tea-party group opposed to a "voucher tax."

Unlike the supporters of vouchers and education-tax credits, these groups are not motivated by the best interest of children. Rather, they are trying to protect their $26 billion fiefdom of failure.

Nathan A. Benefield

Director of policy analysis

Commonwealth Foundation


Don't let the out-of-state (and in-state Susquehanna Group) millionaires destroy the commonwealth's public schools. Taxpayer-funded tuition vouchers are unconstitutional in Pennsylvania and also untimely, unwelcome, unproven and unaccountable. Out-of-state natural-gas and oil industries already appear to control Harrisburg.

Our state is not up for sale!

George Bonekemper, Pennsburg, Pa.

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A legend gets short shrift

You gave screen legend Jackie Cooper a lousy 7 inches?

Shame on you! I bet John Travolta would've gotten half of the paper! And he can't even act! Shame! Shame! Shame!

Mark Anthony Vare


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The Lord decides

Yes, the world will end some day, but no one can predict the day and time. The Lord himself shall determine the day it ends. People like Harold Camping should be punished for such false prophesying. Predictions such as the end of the world are only self-serving for religious hypocrites like Mr. Camping, and they should be punished and fined for such reckless behavior.

Frank Cresta, Aston