RE PAM BOYER's May 20 letter:

It's a shame you had to come out of the closet for supporting Obama. If the mission to get bin Laden, which started under Bush and continued under Obama, had failed, Americans would've been the ones who would have suffered.

So what if what you call the "far-right, tea-party" Republicans had crucified Obama? It would be no different from the left-wing Democrats crucifying Bush any time he failed.

And I left out the word "racist" from the list on purpose. I buried that card long time ago, Ms. Boyer. Why is it that anyone who disagrees with our president, who happens to be black, is automatically a racist? Wouldn't the same stupid principle apply to all those who disagreed with Bush or any other white president? Racism, my dear, works both ways.

Diane McDowell, Philadelphia

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Unseemly attacks on teen

I'm disgusted by the attacks on the 16-year-old girl who had the effrontery to challenge GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann to a debate on the Constitution. I'm not terribly surprised to see no mention of Bachmann telling her supporters to cool it and not beat up on a teenager. I'm pleased to report that the Fox News website did mention the attacks on Amy Myers and they included all the critical details.

I've heard many mentions from local tea party members about how they're so tolerant and peaceful, and how dare progressives call them violent. I'd appreciate seeing them call out this behavior.

Richmond L. Gardner, Horsham

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Why Alycia has that house

I always enjoyed Dawn Stensland on Fox 29. What a class act, head and shoulders above what now appears. But don't complain that Alycia Lane goes home every day to her million-dollar home in the Hollywood Hills. I admire Dawn's loyalty to her husband, but Lane has her anchor job and pricey home because some news organization sees her as employable, whereas Larry Mendte isn't.

Thomas F. Ryan, Havertown