FIRST, the mayor says the city can't afford a new contract with city employees because there is no money!

But - voilà! - he wants to give the bloated and over-administrated (and highly overpaid) school district $100 million.

What chutzpah!

Hey, Comrade Mayor, both you and the councilcrooks don't make the city work, we the hardworking employees do.

City employees have been giving back for two decades, and we are cut to the bone. Meanwhile, our "leader" continues to pad his executive staff with six-figure salaries.

Get rid of some of those deputy mayors, and then limit each city department to a commissioner and one deputy commissioner, and also limit their executive staffs that

you've allowed to mushroom out of control like a bunch of weeds.

And get that controller - or someone - to audit City Council so the public will know how Council lives like royalty on their tax dollars.

Keith A. Barger


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Shayla's touching story

Re the op-ed by Shayla Morales Robinson on how she graduated from nursing school:

I have to say that was the best story that I have read in the Daily News in my 45 years of reading it.

God bless you and your kids. You are an inspiration to people for being a strong and beautiful woman.

Continued success.

Bobby LaVelle


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Cursed 8Gs

It was reported that an envelope containing some $8,000 in cash was missing from an evidence locker

at the Upper Darby Township Police Department.

The money had been confiscated by police during a search of a home back in November 2009. Recently, a Delaware County judge ruled that the home had been illegally searched and ordered the police to return the money. Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood suggested that the money may have accidentally been burned up.

It's possible. It's also possible that the money was stolen. Or perhaps the money was simply misplaced and has yet to be found. Who knows?

The bottom line: Had police

never engaged in the illegal search in the first place, they wouldn't be in this predicament.

Rob Boyden

Drexel Hill

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Only in Philadelphia

The mayor, the people, the experts, all want to get rid of the Deferred Retirement Option Plan, but City Council wants to keep it. Is this a dream?

Andrew J. Dankanich


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Not-so-fond farewell

Goodbye, Oprah.

And good riddance.

Mark Anthony Vare, Philadelphia