Greenlee's letter:

You just don't get it! I guess 30 years of public-sector employment will do that.

I own two businesses in Center city and am struggling to stay above water. The economy is still in a recession and you are actually considering paid sick days for all private-sector employees in the city.

I can't believe it! You say that "if sick days are good enough for government employees and the Comcasts of the world, then everyone should be entitled."

Look at the public sector. The state and city are broke. You can't pay for your own employees, but you want to burden small businesses with your government entitlement mentality. When the government needs money, it raises taxes and cuts services. (And by the way, Comcast is NOT a small business.)

Paid sick days become vacation days, and this isn't a "minor burden" to employers. If you pass this bill, it will force small businesses to either lay off employees or cut back their hours to the point that they can cover their losses because of your ridiculous law.

When does it stop?

The first rule in owning a business is you're the last one to get paid. If you want a real perspective on the reality of business ownership, try leaving the safe harbor of government employment and open a small business. Maybe you can fund this law with your DROP payments.

Kevin Cattie, Chadds Ford

The editorial "Mandated Sick Pay: Job Killer" had only one thing right, that "It is completely unfair that some workers don't get sick days."

It is the responsibility of City Council to right this wrong and require all employers to provide paid sick days to keep Philadelphians healthy and employed. When you add in the benefits of low turnover and a healthy and productive workforce, this measure will benefit businesses in the long run.

Elly Porter-Webb, Philadelphia